Stericycle Releases 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Overview

By: Stericycle

As Earth Day was observed globally last week, Stericycle Environmental Solutions celebrated what we stand for all year long – protecting what matters. Our company is committed to protecting what matters for our customers, our team members, the communities we serve and the environment.

Coinciding with Earth Day, we proudly released our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Overview, highlighting Stericycle’s social and environmental impact across all of our services. We deliver solutions and drive innovations that protect the environment, people and public health.

Because protecting what matters involves a journey to excellence in everything we do, Stericycle is committed to:

  • Providing a broad portfolio of solutions to protect the environment and human health.
  • Developing innovations that minimize environmental impact for generations to come.
  • Managing our internal operations in ways that conserve resources, leave the smallest footprint and are socially responsible.
  • Driving internal improvement initiatives to benefit our people and global communities.

In 2018, Stericycle managed more than 4.8 billion pounds of regulated wastes and materials for recycling. In the delivery of our solutions to customers, Stericycle:

  • Responsibly disposed of 1.8 billion pounds of medical waste, protecting the public from potentially infectious material.
  • Responsibly managed 1.2 billion pounds of hazardous waste, keeping our customers compliant and the environment safe.
  • Safely disposed of more than 85 million pounds of pharmaceutical waste, ensuring they do not end up in waterways.
  • Shredded and recycled 1.5 billion pounds of paper, safeguarding both confidential information and the environment.
  • Diverted more than 56 million pounds of plastics from landfills with reusable sharps containers.

Above all, we recognize that sustainability is a continuous pursuit. No matter how much we achieve, there is always more that can be done tomorrow. Our challenge and our responsibility every day is to make a difference by protecting what matters.


Find out more about our dedication to sustainability by reading our 2019 Corporate Social Responsibility Overview.