End-of-Year Waste Clean Out Best Practices

By: Stericycle

All businesses, from retail manufacturing facilities to hospitals, must stay compliant with ever-changing regulations year-round.

However, as we approach the end of the year, facilities tend to have an over accumulation of many hazardous and non-hazardous materials. Those materials can pose serious safety risks within your facility along with regulatory violations if not disposed of properly and in a timely manner.

Though it can seem overwhelming, performing an end-of-year clean out of your entire facility is a great way to start the new year penalty-free. A clean facility helps ensure the safety of your employees and is instrumental in maintaining productivity within your business. The following tips will help you better plan for a safe and compliant end-of-year clean out.

Refresh safety and compliance training

With ever changing regulations that differ from state to state, it is essential that all employees stay up to date on relevant trainings to help ensure compliance across all facilities.

Employees who are trained on current regulations are more likely to ensure hazardous waste is handled properly and can better identify future issues if and when they arise. Knowledgeable employees are fundamental to cultivating a safe and responsible facility.

Implement best practices 24/7

In order to stay compliant year-round, a few best practices include segregating incompatible chemicals, labeling containers, closing containers, ensuring proper storage and keeping appropriate records.

When it comes to records, maintaining an inventory log will help you manage and track waste generation volumes. Every time an item is identified as hazardous waste and placed into an accumulation container, it should be noted on the log and kept in your records.

Ready to help

It is highly encouraged to engage with third-party vendors that have the expertise to properly manage all aspects of waste disposal specific to your facility.

Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ Technical Waste Services team delivers fast, professional and compliant solutions to handle any quantity of waste while fully complying with all federal, state and local regulations. Supported by a fleet of specialized trucks, our professional clean out services are designed to provide any facility with extensive regulatory knowledge, professional expertise and close attention to detail.

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