Customer Testimonial: Petco

By: Stericycle

From a single store to a large brand with a national presence, retailers face many unique challenges. Few of these challenges, however, have as much potential to impact a retailer’s brand and financial status as environmental and waste regulations.

The rising focus on regulations and enforcement can result in fines and violations that are both costly and detrimental to retail brands. Now, more than ever, retailers need a trusted partner with expertise that can help reduce the risk of noncompliance and protect brands.


Petco Animal Supplies operates more than 1,500 stores in 50 states along with 13 Distribution Centers located in 10 states. From ensuring that each location has the proper equipment for waste storage to documenting compliance for various agencies, hazardous waste management has been a challenging process for Petco, requiring specific expertise and focus the organization lacked internally. Aware of the consequences of failing to meet these challenges, including aggressive fines and lasting brand damage, Petco needed a partner with expertise in hazardous waste management to ensure every store remained compliant with federal, state and local regulations.

While Petco has worked with hazardous waste management providers in the past, there have been instances in which the retailer felt a general lack of support, particularly in unique circumstances. As any situation – from a chemical spill in a store to damage from a natural disaster – can arise unexpectedly at any time, Petco needed a partner that was ready and willing to provide solutions and regulatory expertise in times of need.


Petco turned to the experts at Stericycle Environmental Solutions, a leading provider of environmental and regulated waste management solutions, to provide the data, reporting, training and guidance necessary to ensure each location remains compliant. Stericycle services more retail outlets than any other provider and offers the only Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) hazardous waste service specifically designed for retailers.

Leveraging experience gained from serving tens of thousands of retail locations, Stericycle’s turnkey retail hazardous waste reporting and disposal solutions deliver accountability and expertise at every step for Petco.

Today, Stericycle services Petco stores across the country, including territories that are amongst the most regulatory stringent, and is currently expanding into new regions for the retailer.


As a result of its partnership with Stericycle Environmental Solutions, Petco is going beyond meeting the demands of its shoppers; it is also operating its business in ways that protect the communities it serves as well as the environment.

“There is a lot to know when it comes to proper hazardous waste management, and that is simply not our area of expertise,” said Amy Ebersole-Martinez of Petco. “Whenever we have a question or need regulatory advice or guidance, Stericycle is always there to help us manage the situation and help meet our sustainability goals. We aren’t just a client to them, we are a partner, and they are there to help us navigate any challenges we face.”

Stericycle continues to take steps towards improving its processes for efficiency and is often recognized in the industry as a compliance leader with the ability to help customers reach their sustainability goals.

“Few companies have the capabilities to service retailers in the way that Stericycle does, particularly on a national level, and Stericycle does it without brokerage,” said Wade Scheel, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Stericycle Environmental Solutions. “Our competitors share the same challenges we do when it comes to the extraordinary demands of our industry and servicing high volume accounts. However, they are often too inflexible to help customers outside of their agreed upon scope of work, and it is often detrimental to the customer.”