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Latest Updates on New e-Manifest System

As previously shared, the EPA’s new hazardous waste e-Manifest system went live on June 30, 2018. The registration process is now functional for industry users and generators – those who produce hazardous waste – to create accounts to access the e-Manifest system and...

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EPA’s New e-Manifest System Goes Live

As of June 30, 2018, all manifests signed by generators will be required to be submitted to the EPA’s e-Manifest system. Some of these regulations have changed since we last reported about the e-Manifest, including the provisional fee structure. According to the EPA,...

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EPA’s New Electronic Hazardous Waste Manifest Requirements

New EPA regulations related to electronic manifesting of hazardous waste will take effect later this year.  These new E-manifest requirements will apply to all hazardous waste pick-ups performed June 30 and later and require hazardous waste Treatment, Storage and...

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