New York Hospitals Continue Drug Take-Back Program

By: Stericycle

Immense support from staff and patients has enabled all five New York hospitals that participated in a recent drug take-back pilot program, supported by Stericycle Environmental Solutions, to continue collecting unused pharmaceuticals for safe disposal.

Together, the hospitals collected nearly 1,600 pounds of unwanted over-the-counter and prescription drugs during the six-month pilot program.

The pilot program was conducted by the Product Stewardship Institute (PSI) and the New York Product Stewardship Council (NYPSC) and collected unwanted or expired medications, including controlled substances.

Nearly all of the drugs were collected through Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ medication collection kiosks, conveniently located in hospital lobbies or near the outpatient pharmacy. In addition, patients used Stericycle’s Seal&Send Medication MailBack Envelopes to mail the remaining small amounts of drugs to a safe destruction facility.

Stericycle Environmental Solutions is committed to combating the opioid crisis through its medication collection kiosks and mailback envelopes. Providing a simple and convenient way for consumers to dispose of unused and expired drugs, these kiosks and envelopes are ideal for removing opioids from medicine cabinets across the U.S. in a safe and environmentally-friendly way.

To learn more about theses award-winning medication collection kiosks and envelopes from Stericycle Environmental Solutions, click here.