States Continue Paint Stewardship Legislation

By: Stericycle

Several states are continuing to work on paint stewardship legislation. Most bills require program maintenance, proper disposal based on type of paint and reporting on quantities. Any entity selling paint into that state is also required to participate.

States with recent paint stewardship activity include:

  • Connecticut: Requires state paint stewardship programs to provide more education and information to increase the use of these programs. The program will likely move forward.
  • New Jersey: Two statewide architectural paint stewardship bills are under consideration and have been sent to the Appropriations Committee. The bills must be passed in 2019, or they will need to be reintroduced.
  • New York: Five separate bills have been introduced on statewide Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) for paint; all five bills are waiting committee action.
  • Washington: The proposed statewide architectural paint program bill was considered at an executive session on March 18.
  • Hawaii: A paint stewardship bill was adopted out of committee with amendments.

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