States Move Forward with Paint Stewardship Bills

By: Stericycle

We are continuing to see more states move forward with paint stewardship bills. Putting paint stewardship legislation in place requires states to have program maintenance, proper disposal based on type of paint and reporting on quantities.

As we continue to monitor and report the progress of paint stewardship legislation, below is a current list of proposed or approved state legislation.

New Jersey: Proposed bill is under consideration and has been sent to the Appropriations Committee; no further action will take place in July 2019. Bills must be passed this year, otherwise legislation will need to be reintroduced in 2020.

Rhode Island: Proposal outlines to obtain programs every two years; waiting for further committee consideration.

State of New York: Bill is waiting committee action; no further action will take place in July 2019.

State of Washington: State passed HB 1652 and will take effect on July 28, 2019. This bill requires producers of interior and exterior house paint to participate in a stewardship program to fund and manage leftover paint. This will require implantation on May 30, 2020.

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