Retail Hazardous Waste Management Requirements Training

By: Stericycle

Macy’s is sponsoring the following free training sessions conducted by Stericycle to provide guidance for retailers regarding how to properly manage hazardous waste from their operations. For example, did you know that certain products such as cleaners, aerosols or personal care items and cosmetics could become hazardous wastes? And did you know that batteries and fluorescent bulbs, require special handling and disposal?

Retailers of all sizes and types are invited to attend to learn more about how to comply with these laws and responsibly handle their waste streams.

You Will Learn About:

  • How to determine if a product is hazardous or otherwise regulated
  • Hazardous wastes common to retailers
  • How to properly store hazardous wastes
  • Requirements for transporting and disposing of hazardous waste
  • How to determine your generator size
  • How to obtain and EPA ID number

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