From a single store to a large brand with a national presence, retailers face many unique challenges. Few of these challenges, however, have as much potential to impact a retailer’s brand and financial status as environmental and waste regulations. The increasing focus on regulations and enforcement can result in fines and violations that are both costly and detrimental to retail brands. Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ suite of Retail Hazardous Waste Services delivers industry-leading expertise designed specifically to help retailers reduce their risk of noncompliance and protect their brand. With these services, retailers of all sizes can manage their waste as well as the data, reporting and training necessary to remain compliant.


Hazardous Waste Management for Retailers

Retailers have to go beyond meeting the demands of their consumers—they must also operate their businesses in ways that protect those consumers and the environment. From ensuring that each location has the proper equipment for waste storage to documenting compliance for various agencies, hazardous waste management is a challenging process that requires expertise and focus. The consequences of failing to meet these challenges, including aggressive fines and lasting brand damage, are far too real for retailers to ignore. Stericycle services more retail outlets than any other provider and offers the only RCRA and DEA hazardous waste service specifically designed for retailers. Leveraging the experience gained from having served tens of thousands of retail locations, turnkey retail hazardous waste reporting and disposal solutions deliver accountability and expertise at every step. Expert technicians, a customized waste containment/segregation system and specially equipped vehicles address every customer need from categorization to transportation. Additionally, the entire process is documented and reported to all relevant regulatory agencies. Hazardous Waste Management service offerings include:

  • Hazardous waste program assessment and consultation with professional, hazmat-trained technicians
  • Management and monitoring of employees for hazardous waste compliance
  • Delivery of hazardous waste store supplies and store setup
  • Safe and compliant waste segregation and containment using a patented, all-in-one system developed specifically for retailers
  • Waste separation/segregation in (including all documentation)
  • Compliance documentation designed to satisfy reporting requirements and minimize penalties
  • Safe, compliant hazardous waste transportation on specially equipped trucks
  • Advanced, near real time tracking of all compliance data


Retail Pharmaceutical Waste Management

Generators of pharmaceutical waste, particularly retail pharmacies, face extensive penalties for violating any one of numerous regulations, regardless of waste quantity. Whether customized for a single store or for thousands of nationwide locations, Stericycle Environmental Solutions Retail Services offerings are fine-tuned to deliver accountable, standardized and compliant pharmaceutical waste management. Professional, efficient technicians minimize business interruptions while protecting customers’ brands from potential violations and penalties. From a single-store visit to ongoing nationwide coverage, a team of experts leads every step of the process, including:

  • Assessment and store set-up
  • Employee training
  • Waste separation/segregation
  • Regulatory documentation and reporting
  • Safe waste transport
  • Compliant destruction

As a DEA registrant, Stericycle is authorized to manage the destruction of controlled substances (C-II through C-V) on behalf of our customers. Complete solutions for other prescription pharmaceuticals, including hazardous pharmaceutical waste disposal are also offered.

To help reduce the impact of pharmaceutical waste on the environment, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will soon be releasing a Final Rule on the management of hazardous waste pharmaceuticals. While the new regulations have not been officially released, here are the highlights of the proposed rule and potential impact.


Waste Characterization

Proper characterization is crucial to successful retail waste management, especially when a single location generates various types of waste. Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ waste characterization expertise minimizes retailers’ risks of violations and penalties by properly separating and preparing waste for compliant transportation and disposal. To help every customer remain compliant, Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ Retail Services technicians are trained to identify, assess and characterize all waste streams before transporting them for disposal. Characterized waste types may include DEA controlled substances, EPA (RCRA) hazardous waste, universal waste, state regulated waste and nonhazardous or recyclable materials. Based on this waste characterization, technicians then prepare and verify the documents, waste manifests and EPA/DOT labels necessary for compliance. Finally, technicians use the appropriate packaging to prepare each waste type for transportation on specially equipped trucks.


Regulatory Notification

In the event of a chemical spill or other waste-related incident, retailers must use pre-determined processes and documentation to promptly notify the proper regulatory agencies. Retail Services customers have the option of allowing Stericycle to fully manage this important component, which ultimately helps retailers avoid costly penalties for violations and noncompliance. In response to a spill or other unforeseen event, our experienced team can take complete responsibility for properly notifying the appropriate local, county, state and federal regulatory bodies. This deep experience helps customers benefit from speed and accuracy when the clock is ticking and brand reputations are on the line.


Training Programs

Maintaining compliance requires constant focus and accountability from all levels of an organization. Employees must be trained on the daily practices and procedures that ultimately help avoid violations and penalties. After providing the supplies and setup each store needs to properly handle, segregate and store waste, trained Retail Services technicians ensure that store employees are prepared to maintain that location’s compliance with all applicable regulations. Retail Services technicians conduct hands-on, site-specific process and compliance training to instruct store employees on proper waste segregation and storage. To further ensure compliance and reinforce training, technicians also provide reference materials (posters, literature, etc.) for each location. Technicians make regular site visits to manage and monitor waste management compliance.

Data Management

For a retailer of any size, full compliance demands a firm grip on the many types of data required by various local, state and federal regulatory bodies. To make regulatory notification as fast and accurate as possible, retailers must have full access to their compliance data. The Stericycle Retail Waste Expert™ system’s unparalleled online interface provides near-real time waste management data. Retail Waste Expert is the only web-based platform that allows customers to view manifests and critical compliance data on the day of service. This flexible platform also allows data to be customized to meet any organization’s specific requirements. Available information includes:

  • Global, regional, and individual location data
  • Service and schedule tracking
  • Individual location service and inspection history
  • Number of containers shipped
  • Number of locations accumulating RCRA hazardous waste
  • Number of locations shipping hazardous waste
  • Quantity of waste (total pounds and total containers) generated, organized by waste profile
  • Most recent exceptions by location and by types of exceptions
  • Manifests
  • Land Disposal Restrictions (LDR)
  • Detailed manifest line export capabilities for corporate reporting needs


Regulatory Reporting

To avoid violations and penalties, retailers must not only follow specific procedures and processes, but also report regularly to the appropriate local, county, state and federal regulatory bodies. Stericycle Environmental Solutions partners with retail customers to ensure that each step in the waste management process is thoroughly documented and reported to regulatory agencies as required by law. A team of environmental compliance professionals is committed to helping customers manage the entire regulatory reporting process. For example, many customers rely on this team’s expertise to manage important submissions such as EPA Biennial Reports, state reports and Hazardous Materials Business Plans (HMBPs).


Dedicated Call Center

As true partners to retail customers, call center agents are ready and waiting to answer any question or concern that may arise, from a request for waste management supplies to a call reporting a chemical spill. With thousands of phone lines staffed with trained telecommunications professionals, this dedicated call center allows for large or small-scale inbound and outbound communication capabilities. Expertly trained call center representatives ensure that all questions, concerns, appointment requests and replacement product requests are met with expertise and sensitivity.


24/7 Emergency Response

As an industry-leading partner for retailers, emergency response experts are standing by ready to provide expertise for any waste management need, including unforeseen emergencies. On-demand emergency response capabilities enable retailers to be prepared for anything, from a chemical spill in a store to damage resulting from a natural disaster. The Stericycle Environmental Solutions team has responded to thousands of environmental emergency calls, providing disaster recovery assistance after hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and other natural disasters. Services include emergency spill response for fuel spills, container leaks, transportation-related spills, chemical spills, DOT hazardous materials and EPA hazardous waste, helping retailers with critical tasks including identification of unknown substances, spill containment, proper waste handling and clean up. This is accomplished by leveraging a nationwide network of experts, facilities, equipment and subcontractors to provide retailers with one-call simplicity for any emergency response or disaster recovery need.






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