Today’s leading organizations know that sustainable business practices are no longer a trend—they’re an imperative. Consumers are focusing more and more on sustainability and environmental responsibility to help them form opinions of—and relationships with— brands of all types. Even in the face of a crisis situation, failing to consider environmental impact can result in more than a regulatory fine—it can also impact brand perception. To protect consumers, the environment and overall brand health, all procedures and operations, in any industry, must be managed with a commitment to conserving energy and achieving measurable, net-positive results at a reasonable cost.

Stericycle Environmental Solutions offers customers a wide range of sustainability services, bringing environmentally responsible practices to diverse needs such as product recalls and recycling programs. A holistic waste management approach drives efficiencies through any type of facility—thereby enabling customers to maintain business operations while avoiding costly fines.


Inventory Processing & Expired Goods Management

Stericycle’s deeply experienced team and proven, state-of-the-art infrastructure help customers manage the processing of any item, including expired goods and off-specification products. A dedicated Sustainability Services team ensures that items are processed using methods that comply with all standards and regulations while minimizing waste and environmental impact.

To provide customers with industry-leading reverse logistics support, trained technicians, state-of-the-art equipment and automated systems ensure that every single item is tracked, accounted for and properly disposed of. Every item is documented from the moment technicians receive it until its disposal is confirmed. In addition to providing accountability and comprehensive process management, a unique approach to sustainability conserves as much energy, materials and resources as possible during processing. Stericycle Environmental Solutions is committed to helping customers meet regulatory requirements and exceed corporate sustainability goals.


Recycling, Recovery, Reuse Programs and Waste Minimization

Opportunities to minimize environmental impact, conserve energy and add efficiencies can always be found, even when managing highly-regulated hazardous material. Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ expertise allows customers to benefit from these opportunities in ways that fully comply with all regulations while exceeding sustainability goals.

Manufacturer and distributor customers have benefited from creative, sustainable services such as:

  • Converting unsalable consumer food products into livestock feed
  • Removing unaffected new batteries from unsalable electronics for recycle or alternate use
  • Recovering thousands of pallets and corrugated cardboard each year for re-use or recycle
  • Recovering metals and plastics through de-packaging for recycle and alternate use
  • Finding alternate uses for hazardous waste
  • Using waste as an ingredient in a product or substitute product: latex paint can be mixed with ash to make cement mix for concrete
  • Combusting materials for Energy Recovery, a process that involves using wastes either as a fuel or as a heat-producing ingredient: oily wastes can be used to generate steam or electricity
  • Recovering and/or purifying spent solvents, petroleum and used oils: recycling initiatives for acetone, paint thinner, engine oil, metalworking fluids, hydraulic fluids, refrigerator oil, and more.

Auditing and Metrics Reporting

Given the importance of sustainability to both compliance and brand health, businesses must constantly keep a close eye on their performance against established standards and goals. Leaders of any environmentally-conscious operation must first be made aware of their baseline and current status, and then kept regularly apprised of how their sustainability initiatives are performing.

The Stericycle Environmental Solutions process begins with a sustainability assessment and consultation. During these consultations, professional, highly-trained technicians with extensive waste management and regulatory compliance experience document current sustainability initiatives and performance.

In addition to sustainability assessments, customers also benefit from a suite of proprietary, web-based reporting and tracking tools. These powerful tools deliver customized data analytics and sustainability reporting for all management levels. They also ensure proper record keeping and final paperwork for compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Among other details, these systems generate useful sustainability data for all facilities, including total waste volume generated and number of waste containers used as well as Certificates of Recycling and inspection history documents.


Brand Rendering Services

From a recently founded company with one location to a category leader with a global presence, brand integrity is the single most important asset of any organization. Stericycle Environmental Solutions helps customers prevent damage to their most valuable asset with brand rendering services designed to protect brands at all costs.

Real brand damage can result when a compromised product is diverted to a secondary market. Whether a particular product is off-spec or simply carries outdated packaging, if it is discarded or diverted, it represents an opportunity for the end consumer to have an off-brand experience. To help maintain consumer confidence in our customers’ brands, Stericycle Environmental Solutions proven chain of custody practices and ironclad process render brands unrecognizable and fully protected. From the moment a customer’s product is retrieved, our team remains focused on the nuanced, demanding process of rendering the brand, with strict adherence to an agreed-upon Scope of Work. Stericycle Environmental Solutions goes the extra mile to help our customers protect the most valuable thing they have: the power and reputation of their brands.







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