U.S. States Introduce Pharmaceutical Takeback Programs

By: Stericycle

In 2012, Alameda, Calif. passed the first pharmaceutical takeback ordinance in the nation. The Safe Drug Disposal Ordinance requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to fund and manage the safe collection and disposal of unused medications.

Since this initial legislation was passed, many other counties and states across the country have introduced similar ordinances to manage unused medications. While some bills are still in the very early stages, the following states have introduced new legislation for different types of programs:

  • Bills requiring pharmacies to maintain drug takeback/disposal programs: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New Jersey and New York
  • Bills to fund drug takeback programs: Nebraska and New York
  • Bills requiring manufacturers to develop and pay for drug take back programs (Extended Producer Responsibility programs): Connecticut, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Washington
  • Bills requiring pharmacies to include written instructions for proper disposal of dispensed drugs with each prescription: Virginia
  • Other types of pharmaceutical waste or pharmaceutical EPR programs: Connecticut, Iowa, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, Virginia and Puerto Rico

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