Recycling, Waste Reduction Create Cost Savings

By: Stericycle

Today’s leading organizations know that sustainable business practices are no longer a trend – it’s an imperative.

Consumers are focusing more and more on sustainability and environmental initiatives to help them form opinions of, and relationships with, brands of all types. To protect consumers, the environment and overall brand health, all procedures and operations must be managed with a commitment to product stewardship. This allows all industries to achieve measurable, net-positive results at a reasonable cost.

Proven Product Stewardship Results

Many companies are able to achieve a higher level of sustainability through waste recycling, recovery, reuse programming and minimization. Opportunities to minimize environmental impact and add efficiencies can always be found, even when managing highly regulated hazardous material.

Manufacturer and distributor customers can benefit from creative services such as recovering metals and plastics through de-packaging for recycle or finding alternate uses for hazardous waste.

For example, one multinational consumer goods manufacturer was challenged with high volumes of gift set packaging. The gift sets held multiple consumer goods within the package, and each good had varied hazardous components that required destruction. The company wanted to find a solution other than traditional disposal.

Stericycle Environmental Solutions’ expertise created a process for separation of waste into five different treatment and recycling technologies. This eliminated the need for full hazardous waste incineration and also provided product stewardship.

The new model resulted in several compelling results, including:

  • Repurposing and recycling improved by 64%
  • Hazardous waste incineration reduced by 95%
  • Cost savings spiked to 46% in this instance
  • Kept 43,000 pounds of material out of hazardous waste incineration, including batteries and aerosols
Shared Sustainability

Stericycle Environmental Solutions offers customers a wide range of sustainability services, bringing environmentally responsible practices to diverse needs. A holistic waste management approach drives efficiencies through any type of facility, thereby enabling customers to maintain business operations and maximizing sustainability – all while avoiding costly fines.

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